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Our Company has long been trying to increase the quality of products offered from the very beginning. In 2006, based on requirements of our customers, we started working on obtaining of HACCP and GLOBALCAP certificates to achieve the best quality possible. We achieved that in 2007 and since then, we have been offering all of our products on a basis of these certified technologies.

Due to this fact, we have reduced the risks for safety of foodstuffs in the primary production and also minimised similarly important negative impacts on the environment.

What is HACCP

HACCP is an English abbreviation of "Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points" that is globally used for a system of preventive measures used to ensure foodstuffs and food did not pose any risk to health during all activities related with the production process, processing, storing, handling, transport and sale to the end customer.

The HACCP abbreviation is not used in the Czech food legislation and the system is marked as a "system of critical points". However, the HACCP abbreviation is so popular that it is used more often than the Czech name, both by the professional and general public.

HACCP = System of critical points

The HACCP system indicates which means and procedures are necessary to prevent risks threatening the consumer's health before they can occur. A procedure including the following 7 basic principles has been formed for the introduction of the HACCP system:

  • Risk analysis
  • Setting of critical points
  • Setting of signs and critical limits in critical points
  • Specification of the monitoring system in critical points
  • Setting of corrective measures for each critical point
  • Introduction of verification procedures
  • Record and documentation introduction

The system of critical points needs to be applied within the entire food chain as sellers must rely on producers, producers need to rely on suppliers of raw materials, suppliers of raw materials need to rely on basic producers, transporters, etc.

What is GlobalGap

GlobalGap is a private organisation creating optional certification standards for the agricultural production. These standards guarantee the consumer that the goods are produced in agricultural businesses that minimise detrimental effects on the environment, ensure safe working conditions for their employees and try to reduce the use of chemical sprays.

GlobalGap serves as a guide for a good agronomical practice for agricultural businesses. GlobalGap includes annual inspections of farmers including unannounced inspections.

Agricultural businesses in more than 80 countries have already joined the GlobalGap's certification process.

Apart from the certificates, the Bramko Company is also engaged in the integrated production of vegetable and potato (IPZ) programme and is currently struggling for granting of the Klasa brand.

IPZ – Integrated vegetable production system

The integrated vegetable production system is a production of high-quality vegetable preferring environment-friendly methods and minimising undesirable entry of agrochemicals with adverse side effects. It is ranked among conventional and organic production of crops, supports reduction of the soil over-fertilisation risk and more rational use of nutrients.

Environment-friendly and economically acceptable measures positively regulating the vegetable quality in special consideration of minimising the contents of extraneous substances are engaged in the production process in the integrated vegetable production system. It thus concerns alternative procedures to methods that increase environmental and hygienic risks of vegetable production according to the reached level of recognition. Vegetable grown in the IPZ system is subject to systematic inspections by an independent auditing body.

The IPZ trademark was registered by the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic under 0-358337 and vegetable growers satisfying conditions of the Rules for IPZ can use the trademark to mark their products as high-quality and healthy vegetable.